Rhian Benson

Rhian Benson: Gold Coast

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Rhian Benson

Title: Gold Coast
Label: Pony Canyon

Asian version featuring 2 bonus tracks: "Say How I Feel (Slum Village Remix fet. Dwele & Slum Village)", & "Stealing My Peace of Mind (J-Swift Version)", & 3 enhanced videos.

1.1 Words Hurt Too
1.2 Say How I Feel
1.3 Stealing My Peace of Mind
1.4 Soul Boy
1.5 Shake It Away
1.6 Invincible
1.7 One
1.8 Sing to a Child
1.9 Moment in Shrine
1.10 I'm in a Bind
1.11 Goldy Sky
1.12 Young Girl
1.13 Spirit
1.14 Say How I Feel (Slum Village Remix Ft Dwele ; Slum Village) (Bonus Track)
1.15 Stealing My Peaceof Mind (Bonus Track) (J-Swift Version)
1.16 Say How I Feel (Video)
1.17 Stealing My Peace of Mind) (Video)
1.18 Say How I Feel (Video) (The Renegades Remix Ft Slum Village ; Dwele)

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