Richard Dyer-Bennett

Richard Dyer-Bennett: Dyer-Bennet 1

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Product Type: CD

Artist: Richard Dyer-Bennett
Title: Dyer-Bennet 1

Richard Dyer-Bennet was instrumental in bringing the rural folk repertoire to the concert hall during the '50s, and releases on his own Dyer-Bennet label were lovingly annotated and engineered explorations of the same. This release reissues the very first release on his label, with extensive notes and personal commentary on songs ranging from 18th-century art songs to American traditional folk tunes. Includes Molly Brannigan; Down in the Valley; Pedro; the Vicar of Bray, and more.

1.1 Oft in the Silly Night
1.2 Molly Brannigan
1.3 Down By the Sally Gardens
1.4 The Bold Fenian Men
1.5 Three Fishers
1.6 The Bonnie Earl of Morey
1.7 Fine Flowers in the Valley
1.8 The Vicar of Bray
1.9 So We'll Go No More a Roving
1.10 Phyllis and Her Mother
1.11 The Joys of Love
1.12 I'm a Poor Boy
1.13 Pull Off Your Old Coat
1.14 Down in the Valley
1.15 Pedro
1.16 The Lonesome Valley

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