Richard Thompson

Richard Thompson: Strict Tempo

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Artist: Richard Thompson
Title: Strict Tempo

Digitally remastered edition of this 1981 album from the British Folk hero. This is an instrumental album, on which Thompson plays everything apart from drums, which are handled by ex-Fairport drummer, Dave Mattacks. Material is mainly traditional jigs and reels, with an original Thompson song and a Duke Ellington cover. Features new notes on each song by Thompson. Ace Records.

1.1 New-Fangled Flogging Reel-Kerry Reel
1.2 Vaillance Polka Militaire-Belfast Polka
1.3 Scott Skinner Medley: Glancoe-Scott Skinner's Rockin' Step-Bonny Banchory
1.4 Banish Misfortune
1.5 Dundee Hornpipe-Poppy-Leaf Hornpipe
1.6 Do It for My Sake
1.7 Rockin' in Rhythm
1.8 The Random Jig-The Grinder
1.9 Will Ye No Cam Back Again-Cam O'er the Stream Charlie-Ye Banks and Braes
1.10 Rufty Tufty-Nonsuch À la Mode de France
1.11 Andalus-Radio Marrakesh
1.12 The Knife-Edge

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