Richie Booker Marley: Shine the Light

Richie Booker Marley: Shine the Light
Title: Shine the Light
Label: Synkronized USA

The Reggae royalty pedigreed of the Marley family shines brightly on Richie Bookers debut CD, SHINE THE LIGHT, in from SKD Urban. Like his brother Bob Marley, Booker is an inspirational singer/songwriter with the talent to create music that transcends all boundaries and unites kindred souls. On SHINE THE LIGHT, Booker has joined the passions of his Jamaican roots with alternative, universal influences to spread a "positive message to the people".

1.1 Wow
1.2 Free
1.3 Station Revelation
1.4 Shine the Light
1.5 What Kind of Human
1.6 Oil and Water
1.7 Natty in the Vineyard
1.8 Deja Vu
1.9 U Ain't from Around Here
1.10 Sellin' Sex
1.11 Vampire
1.12 Medicine Man

Richie Booker Marley: Shine the Light

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