Rick Danko

Rick Danko: Washington DC 87

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Artist: Rick Danko

Artist: Rick Danko
Title: Washington DC 87

Repressing. 2009 two CD live archive release from this former member of the Band. This performance features a solo Rick Danko performance at Dylan's Cafe in Washington on December 8th 1987. This double disc set contains both performances from that night and, as such, includes a number of tracks from the Band's catalogue including 'Stage Fright', 'The Weight' and 'Acadian Driftwood'. The set also features what was Rick Danko's sometime showpiece with the band 'Mystery Train'. at the time of this recording, Rick was still performing with a reformed version of the Band and would continue to do so until his death in 1999. This recording however captures Rick Danko, the solo musician, and is a wonderful example of what Rick brought to the band as a performer and yet made him so special as a solo artist. 38 tracks. Bear Family.

1.1 Java Blues
1.2 Christmas Must Be Tonight
1.3 My Friend
1.4 Stage Fright
1.5 CC Rider
1.6 Twinlight
1.7 Oh Baby (Whatcha Gonna Do)
1.8 Jimmy Crack Corn
1.9 Track 09
1.10 Caledonia Mission
1.11 My Love
1.12 The Weight
1.13 Bartender Blues
1.14 It Makes No Difference
1.15 Mystery Train
1.16 That's How I Love You
1.17 When You Awake
1.18 When I Get My Rewards
1.19 Sunny Side of Life
1.20 Brainwash
1.21 Blaze of Glory
1.22 My Baby Left Me
1.23 It Makes No Difference
1.24 Once Upon a Time
1.25 What a Town
1.26 Missing in Action
1.27 Honest I Do
1.28 The Weight
1.29 My Love's All Imagination
1.30 Java Blues
1.31 Stage Fright
1.32 Small Town Talk
1.33 Long Black Veil
1.34 Canadian Driftwood
1.35 My Love 2
1.36 Jimmy Crack Corn
1.37 Mystery Train
1.38 Rivers of Babylon

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