Rick Wakeman: The Aspirant Trilogy

Rick Wakeman: The Aspirant Trilogy
Title: The Aspirant Trilogy
Label: Purple Pyramid

For the first time ever collected together in one package, keyboard wizard Rick Wakeman presents 3 albums of ethereal and hypnotic ambient music dubbed "The Aspirant Trilogy!"Originally released in the early '90s, these albums were the result of Wakeman's "geniune study of music and the effects it has on the human body and mind" and are performed entirely by Wakeman!Comes packaged in a gorgeous 8-panel digipak!

1.1 Thoughts of Love
1.2 Gentle Breezes
1.3 Whispering Cornfields
1.4 Peaceful Beginnings
1.5 Dewy Morn
1.6 Musical Dreams
1.7 Distant Thoughts
1.8 The Dove
1.9 When Time Stood Still
1.10 Secret Moments
1.11 Peaceful
2.1 Floating Clouds
2.2 Still Waters
2.3 The Dream
2.4 The Sleeping Village
2.5 Sea of Tranquillity
2.6 Peace
2.7 Sunset
2.8 Dying Embers
2.9 Dusk
2.10 Evening Moods
3.1 The Nightwind
3.2 Churchyard
3.3 Tall Shadows
3.4 Shadowlove
3.5 Melancholy Mood
3.6 Mount Fuji By Night
3.7 Hidden Reflections
3.8 The Evening Harp
3.9 The Moonraker Pond
3.10 The Last Lamplight
3.11 Japanese Sunshadows

Rick Wakeman: The Aspirant Trilogy

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