Rico Puestel

Rico Puestel: 973272

$13.74 $15.98
Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Rico Puestel

Title: 973272
Label: Cocoon
Product Type: VINYL LP

"973" picks up exactly where "Caravel" left off (COR 146EP), kicking powerfully with irresistible, effect-loaded breaks that really twist your melon. "973" proves that "Caravel" was no flash in the pan, just one tantalizing glimpse into the musical world of Rico Puestel and that's not the end of it... "272" is a little more stripped-down and chilled to start with, but soon opens up into the same crazy atmosphere as "973". This is dominated by an up-and-running arpeggio synth, which combines with the now familiar effects-break motif to create an incredible hypnotic effect.

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