Rie Murakami

Rie Murakami: Sahara

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Artist: Rie Murakami

Artist: Rie Murakami
Title: Sahara
Product Type: CASSETTES

Unseen on vinyl - or indeed, any physical format - since it's original Japanese pressing in 1984, Ship to Shore PhonoCo. Are proud to announce this limited edition release of Rie Murakami's Sahara! The album's blending of instrumentation and genres - from funk, disco, soul and orchestral arrangements and then back again - makes it reminiscent of early WANG CHUNG's pop sensibilities, blended with a dash of YELLO's exuberant playfulness but front and foremost is all the whimsical charm one comes to expect from an 80's J-Pop record. Not one to be missed!

1.1 Fall in Love
1.2 Sahara
1.3 Every Song I Sing
1.4 I Won't Last a Day Without You
1.5 T.N.T
1.6 Eternally (Instrumental)
1.7 Smile
1.8 Say Cheese
1.9 I'm the One for You
1.10 If I Ever Lose This Heaven
1.11 Take Me Home

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