Ripperton: A Little Part of Shade

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Artist: Ripperton

Artist: Ripperton
Title: A Little Part of Shade
Product Type: VINYL LP

1.1 A Little Part of Shade (Feat. Germain Umdenstock)
1.2 I Don't Know (Feat. Hemlock Smith)
1.3 No More Airplanes
1.4 She Holds My Hand (Feat. Andy Ernst)
1.5 Tape Hiss (Feat. Hemlock Smith)
1.6 Minor Interlude
1.7 City Lights (Feat. Van Hai)
1.8 Black Wall (Feat. Masaya)
1.9 Everytime (Feat. Hemlock Smith)
1.10 Tales of Sand
1.11 Chaos Calme (Feat. Van Hai)
1.12 For All the Wrong Reasons
1.13 Spike (Feat. Hemlock Smith)

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