RLYR: Delayer

Rlyr: Delayer
Title: Delayer
Label: Magic Bullet Records
Product Type: VINYL LP

Magic Bullet Records has slated Delayer, the debut album from Chicago's RLYR (pronounced "relayer"), to be released June 17. The trio boasts a lineup comprised of some of the most esteemed members of the city's experimental rock community: Steven Hess (also of Locrian, Cleared, etc.), Colin DeKuiper (also of Bloodiest, Lasers and Fast and Shit, formerly Russian Circles), and Trevor Shelley de Brauw (also of Pelican, Chord, Let's Pet).

1.1 Slipstream Summer
1.2 Delayer
1.3 Reconductor
1.4 Descent of the Night Bison

RLYR: Delayer

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Product-type:VINYL LP
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