Robbie Williams

Robbie Williams: Intensive Care: Special Edition

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Robbie Williams

Artist: Robbie Williams
Title: Intensive Care: Special Edition

This special limited edition features the original CD plus a DVD of 10 previously unavailable performances including "Radio" on Top of the Pops & "Tripping" on Later with Jools Holland.

1.1 Ghosts
1.2 Tripping (Album Version)
1.3 Make Me Pure (Album Version)
1.4 Spread Your Wings
1.5 Advertising Space
1.6 Please Don't Die
1.7 Your Gay Friend
1.8 Sin Sin Sin
1.9 Random Acts of Kindness
1.10 The Trouble with Me
1.11 A Place to Crash
1.12 King of Bloke ; Bird
2.1 Radio (BBC Top of the Pops)
2.2 Radio (Later with Jools Holland)
2.3 Misunderstood (BBC Top of the Pops)
2.4 The Trouble with Me (BBC Top of the Pops)
2.5 Tripping (Later with Jools Holland)
2.6 Ghosts (Later with Jools Holland)
2.7 A Place to Crash (Later with Jools Holland)
2.8 Advertising Space (BBC Top of the Pops Christmas Special)
2.9 Misunderstood - Germany (Wetten Da?!)
2.10 Tripping - Spain (Especial Nochebuena Con los Lunnis)

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