Robert Forster

Robert Forster: Evangelist

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Artist: Robert Forster

Artist: Robert Forster
Title: Evangelist
Product Type: VINYL LP

LP version. Tapete Records present a remastered reissue of Robert Forster's album The Evangelist, originally released in 2008. Following the 1989 break-up of the Go-Betweens, the band he had formed at college in 1978 with his friend Grant McLennan, Robert Forster embarked on a solo career, releasing four albums under his own name between 1990 and 1996. In 2000, the Go-Betweens reunited and went on to record three albums. Forster and McLennan began working on the tenth Go-Betweens album and had started writing eight songs together. McLennan died of a heart attack in May 2006, and Forster began work on completing three of the songs they had started writing together, all of which are featured on The Evangelist.

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