Robert Pete Williams

Robert Pete Williams: Poor Bob's Blues

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Product Type: CD

Artist: Robert Pete Williams
Title: Poor Bob's Blues

POOR BOB'S BLUES is a 2-CD set featuring 19 previously unreleased tracks. "... The most avant-garde blues performer ever recorded. No punk rock band has ever matched the jagged acerbic fury of the riffs Williams played 35 years ago. No rapper has approached his ability to evoke the torment of life in prison or bend language to cast an eerie spell over a chance encounter with a seductive woman - the New York Times"

1.1 My Mind Wandering Around (Acapella)
1.2 Cane Cut Man
1.3 My Daddy Was a Hoodoo Man
1.4 No More Sweet Potatoes
1.5 Poor Bob's Blues
1.6 Cows Love Music
1.7 Can't Yo-Yo No More
1.8 Shake, Shake Baby
1.9 Lord, I Don't You Wrong
1.10 Been Mistreated So Long
2.1 Things All Wrong with Me
2.2 Matchbox Blues
2.3 Sad News from Korea
2.4 What a Shape I'm in
2.5 Poor Boy, Long Way from Home
2.6 Out All Night Long
2.7 Crying Won't Make Me Stay
2.8 All Out and Down
2.9 Tom and Old Master (Story)

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