Robert Tree Cody

Robert Tree Cody: Dreams From Grandfather

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Product Type: CD

Title: Dreams From Grandfather
Label: Canyon Records

Robert Tree Cody intertwines his solo vocal interpretations with soothing flute rhapsodies. These eleven songs draw on his Dakota-Maricopa heritage as well as the Zuni, Lakota and Acoma peoples. A good introduction to Native American flute music.

1.1 Earth Mother
1.2 Kokopelli Wandering Song
1.3 In Camps of Times Past
1.4 Whispering Journeys
1.5 Zuni Dawn
1.6 Sky City
1.7 Moonlight Dance
1.8 Lakota Lullaby
1.9 Love Song
1.10 Buffalo's Journey
1.11 Stomp Dance

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