Rochberg / Jennings / Han / Johnson

Rochberg / Jennings / Han / Johnson: Complete Flute Music 1

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Title: Complete Flute Music 1
Label: Naxos American

The few pieces that George Rochberg wrote for flute are as bold and individualistic as anything in his oeuvre. His ability to compose in an astonishing variety of voices is clearly shown in the Caprice Variations, based on Paganini's famous melody, in homage to composers from Bach to Bartok. Christina Jennings' transcriptions challenge the player with dynamic, technical and stylistic extremes. Rochberg's Ukiyo-e pieces are among his most beautiful and haunting works. Praised for her virtuoso technique and rich tone, flutist Christina Jennings is an acknowledged expert in Rochberg's music.

1.1 Allegro Energico
1.2 Presto
1.3 Presto
1.4 Languido
1.5 Vivace
1.6 Andante Con Moto
1.7 Alla Guitarra; Allegretto Con Molto Rubato
1.8 Allegro Fantastico
1.9 Quasi Cadenza; Andante Con Molto Espressivo
1.10 Allegro Con Brio
1.11 Andante Grazioso E Tranquillo
1.12 Allegretto
1.13 Scherzo
1.14 Aria
1.15 Molto Adagio
1.16 Allegro Assai; Burlesca
1.17 Barcarolle
1.18 Andantino
1.19 Presto
1.20 Fantasy
1.21 Quasi Presto; Robusto
1.22 Fantasia - Christina Jennings/Lura Johnson
1.23 Scherzoso (Fast Dance) - Christina Jennings/Lura Johnson
1.24 Night Scene (A) - Christina Jennings/Lura Johnson
1.25 Sarabande (Slow Dance) - Christina Jennings/Lura Johnson
1.26 Night Scene (B) - Christina Jennings/Lura Johnson
1.27 Slow Fires of Autumn, 'Ukiyo-E Ii' - Christina Jennings/Lura Johnson

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