Rocq-E-Harrell: Best of Nightmare Records

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Artist: Rocq-E-Harrell

Artist: Rocq-E-Harrell
Title: Best of Nightmare Records

A comprehensive overview of one of the biggest Disco, Hi-NRG labels of all time featuring the artists that propelled Nightmare Records to the top of the dance charts. Included are Croisette, Louise Thomas, Barbara Pennington, Moonstone, Carol Jiani, Eddie Holman and lots more. Digitally remastered.

1.1 My Heart Keeps Beating Faster
1.2 Do You Know the Way to San Hose
1.3 I Can Fly
1.4 You Spin My World Around
1.5 Bad Connection
1.6 I Can't Stay Mad at You
1.7 The Visitors
1.8 Backtrack
1.9 Let's Not Say Goodbye
1.10 There Are Brighter Days
1.11 Turning My Back and Turning Away
1.12 Reaching for the Best
1.13 I Got You Covered
1.14 Whatever Happened to Our Melody

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