Roddy Radiation

Roddy Radiation: Skabilly Rebel: The Roddy Radiation Anthology

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Roddy Radiation

Title: Skabilly Rebel: The Roddy Radiation Anthology
Label: Grover Records
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing. 2018 compilation bringing together recordings by ex- Specials guitar player Roddy Radiation made by his various bands before and after The Specials, a mixture of rockabilly and ska sounds. Perfectly described by Roddy himself as "skabilly". Roddy Radiation is a legendary English musician who played lead guitar for The Specials, as well as many rockabilly bands such as the Bonediggers and the Tearjerkers.

1.1 Desire
1.2 What's the Matter
1.3 Hook Line ; Sinker
1.4 Bonediggin'
1.5 Blues Attack
1.6 The Man with No Name
1.7 Lorraine
1.8 Judgement Day
1.9 Doldrums
1.10 Don't Drive Me
1.11 Heartbreak City
1.12 Black Leather Jacket
1.13 Nothing Lasts Forever
1.14 Falling Angel
1.15 Blue Angel
1.16 Dream World
1.17 Reckless Romance
1.18 Dixie Ska

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