Roddy Woomble

Roddy Woomble: Listen to Keep

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Artist: Roddy Woomble

Artist: Roddy Woomble
Title: Listen to Keep
Product Type: VINYL LP

(LP + CD) Familiar to many thousands of music fans as the front man in the Scottish rock band Idlewild. Roddy Woomble is also a celebrated solo songwriter & performer who returns with his third solo album released in March 2013. Roddy Woomble's naturally poetic writing and consistent touring have won him many thousands of fans all over the world and is widely regarded as one of Scotland 's finest songwriters. "Listen to Keep" is another great recording packed with memorable melodies and powerful, artistic expression following on from his first two acclaimed solo albums'. Roddy's band features Seonaid Aitken (violin, piano, vocals), Gavin Fox (bass), Danny Grant (drums), Sorren Maclean (guitar, vocals) who help create the perfect backdrop for his poetic lyrics, blending touches of country and folk to a set of poignant songs.

1.1 Making Myths
1.2 The Last One of My Kind
1.3 Listen to Keep
1.4 Build It to Break
1.5 Trouble Your Door
1.6 Traveling Light
1.7 The Universe Is on My Side
1.8 I Know Where I Went Wrong
1.9 Treacle ; Tobacco
1.10 Into the Distance on Luck
1.11 Time By Time

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