Roderick Williams

Roderick Williams: In Terra Pax: A Christmas Anthology

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Artist: Roderick Williams
Title: In Terra Pax: A Christmas Anthology

Performances of carols both ancient and modern have become central to the celebration of Christmas. The choral music on this disc includes Holst' surprisingly neglected Christmas Day, as well as music by Leighton, Joubert, Mathias, Gardner and Rutter.

1.1 Christmas Day
1.2 There Is No Rose, Op. 14
1.3 Sir Christemas
1.4 Here Is the Little Door
1.5 A Spotless Rose
1.6 In Terra Pax, Christmas Scene, Op. 39
1.7 No. 1. Tyrley, Tyrlow
1.8 No. 2. Balulalow
1.9 No. 3. As I Sat Under a Sycamore Tree
1.10 A Hymn of the Nativity
1.11 What Sweeter Music
1.12 Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day
1.13 A Babe Is Born, Op. 53
1.14 I. Children's Christmas Song
1.15 II. Wassail Song
1.16 III. in Bethlehem City
1.17 IV. God Bless the Master

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