Roman Poncet

Roman Poncet: Focal

$14.60 $16.98
Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Roman Poncet

Title: Focal
Label: Figure
Product Type: VINYL LP

Roman Poncet back on full form, delivering his next EP for Figure. These four tracks are testament to his mastery of many styles while working as nuanced and meticulous as ever. Each track inhabits a singular drive or momentum, outgrowing the confines of pure techno tools. Take opener "He Comes For You", a muscular example of a dynamic and spacious building block, keeping the energy leveled and ready to move wherever it may be needed. Coming in a close second, "Taal" nods towards house-y structures, clocking in a fast and playful attitude within a strict techno's framework. "Sofra" is harnessing the anthemic power of trance-style synths while not overplaying the old school card in favor of letting Poncet's slick sound design do it's work. Finally, dubbed-out beauty "Focal" ushers this record out smoothly, it's echoing chords glistening effortlessly atop a powerful low-end bassline.

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