Romeo Void

Romeo Void: Warm in Your Coat

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Romeo Void

Artist: Romeo Void
Title: Warm in Your Coat

Collects material from Romeo Void's three albums ("It's A Condition", "Benefactor" and "Instincts") and the Ric Okasek-produced 4-song EP, "Never Say Never".

1.1 White Sweater
1.2 I Mean It
1.3 Charred Remains
1.4 Talk Dirty to Me
1.5 Myself to Myself
1.6 In the Dark
1.7 A Girl in Trouble (Is a Temporary Thing)
1.8 Out on My Own (Dance Mix)
1.9 Just Too Easy
1.10 Wrap It Up
1.11 Flashflood
1.12 Undercover Kept
1.13 Chinatown
1.14 Never Say Never
1.15 One Thousand Shadows

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