Ronnie Self

Ronnie Self: Ain't I'm A Dog: Singles As & Bs 1956-1962 Plus

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Artist: Ronnie Self

Artist: Ronnie Self
Title: Ain't I'm A Dog: Singles As & Bs 1956-1962 Plus

When the greats of rockabilly are discussed, it's never long before the name of Ronnie Self comes into the conversation. A man who lived his life close to the edge, and whose recordings frequently sounded like he did, Self never had a hit of his own and made no more than a handful of 45s during Rock 'n' Roll's heyday - but virtually all of them are considered genre classics. Self passed away at a young age, before he was able to capitalise on the respect that his records brought him during the first Rockabilly Revival of the 1970s, but his 1950s sides are as popular with today's new Rockabilly recruits as they have been at any time in the past 40+ years. Despite his self-destructive personal nature, Self was a committed professional songwriter whose best songs were frequently recorded by star names like Jerry Lee Lewis and Brenda Lee. (The latter's handful of mostly self-composed successes provide an excellent 'bonus selection' complement to Self's own recordings here). Remastered as always from the finest available sources, and with the usual informative sleeve notes that Jasmine's customers have come to expect, this comprehensive collection of Ronnie Self's greatest recordings is another valuable addition to Jasmine's growing catalogue and will doubtless generate a fresh wave of admiration for these stellar sides.

1.1 Pretty Bad Blues
1.2 Three Hearts Later
1.3 Big Fool
1.4 Flame of Love
1.5 Ain't I'm a Dog
1.6 Rocky Road Blues
1.7 Bop-A-Lena
1.8 I Ain't Goin' Nowhere
1.9 Big Blon' Baby
1.10 Date Bait
1.11 Petrified
1.12 You're So Right for Me
1.13 This Must Be the Place
1.14 Big Town
1.15 So High
1.16 I've Been There
1.17 Some Things You Just Can't Change
1.18 Instant Man
1.19 Oh Me, Oh My
1.20 Past, Present and Future
1.21 Black Night Blues
1.22 Too Many Lovers
1.23 Do It Now
1.24 I'm Sorry - Brenda Lee
1.25 Sweet Nothin's - Brenda Lee
1.26 Everybody Loves Me But You - Brenda Lee
1.27 Anybody But Me - Brenda Lee
1.28 Eventually - Brenda Lee

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