Roosevelt Matthews & Marie Queenie Lyons

Roosevelt Matthews & Marie Queenie Lyons: Tighten Up / See & Don't See

$9.01 $10.99

Artist: Roosevelt Matthews & Marie Queenie Lyons
Title: Tighten Up / See & Don't See
Product Type: 7-INCH SINGLE

It's been a few years since BGP unleashed a batch of 45s from it's bag, and we felt it was about time. We would like to think that this is the finest set that we have ever issued: A real mix of rarity, quality and desirability. BGPS 028 features two of the most sought-after recordings from the King group of labels, Roosevelt Matthews 'Tighten Up' featuring Billy Ball and the Upsetters. This has often been bootlegged under the title 'Tighten Up Tighter' and is a stunning version of the Archie Bell classic. The flip is Marie Queenie Lyons 'See And Don't See' which rarely hangs around when an original on DeLuxe comes up for sale.

1.1 Tighten Up - Roosevelt Matthews
1.2 See and Don't See - Marie "Queenie" Lyons

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