Roots: Organix

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Artist: Roots

Artist: Roots
Title: Organix
Product Type: VINYL LP

Remastered and Repressed!! Their classic debut album. Absolutely essential for all hip hop fans, inc 'PASS THE POPCORN', 'GOOD MUSIC', 'THE SESSION' and more. This record needs to be in every hip hop fans library. Last week THE Roots dropped their new album, so it's time to restock this in bigger numbers. With THE Roots on JIMMY FALLON every weeknight all stores should have this in stock. Totally legit on Philly indie REMEDY RECORDS. Still stands up 25 years later. Repressed and (finally) back in stock.

1.1 The Roots Is Comin'
1.2 Pass the Pocorn
1.3 The Anti-Circle
1.4 Writers Block
1.5 Good Music (Preclude)
1.6 Good Music)
1.7 Grits
1.8 Leonard I-V
1.9 I'm Out Deah
2.1 Essawhamah? (Live at the Soulshack)
2.2 There's a Riot Going on (Part II - Extended House, Acid Jazz, Hip Hop, Radio Friendly, Edit, Video Mix)
2.3 Popcorn Revisited
2.4 Peace
2.5 Common Dust
2.6 The Session (Longest Posse Cut in History)
2.7 Syreeta's Having My Baby
2.8 Carryin' on

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