Rory Gallagher: Live At Montreux

Rory Gallagher: Live At Montreux
Title: Live At Montreux
Label: Earmusic
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing includes CD. Live At Montreux is a posthumous live album release by the brilliant Irish guitarist Rory Gallagher who played the Montreux Jazz Festival a couple of times over a twenty year period. It's a live collection recorded at the famous festival in 1975, 1977, 1979 and 1985. Gallagher was rightly famed for the virtuosity of his live performances and always delivered one compelling performance after another. This live album serves as a satisfying and overdue tribute to a fine musician and warm, generous personality who is sorely missed.

1.1 Laundromat
1.2 Tore Down
1.3 I Take What I Want
2.1 Bought and Sold
2.2 Do You Read Me
2.3 Last of the Independents
3.1 Off the Handle
3.2 Mississippi Sheiks
3.3 Out on the Western Plain
4.1 Too Much Alcohol
4.2 Shin Kicker
4.3 Philby
5.1 Laundromat
5.2 Tore Down
5.3 I Take What I Want
5.4 Bought and Sold
5.5 Do You Read Me
5.6 Last of the Independents
5.7 Off the Handle
5.8 Mississippi Sheiks
5.9 Out on the Western Plain
5.10 Too Much Alcohol
5.11 Shin Kicker
5.12 Philby

Rory Gallagher: Live At Montreux

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