Rosco Gordon

Rosco Gordon: Keep On Doggin'

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Artist: Rosco Gordon

Artist: Rosco Gordon
Title: Keep On Doggin'
Product Type: VINYL LP

(Previously deleted:11/1/02. Original release date:4/7/81) Mono tracks recorded between 1951-1969, in a gatefold sleeve. Drums - John Murry Daley, Tenor Saxophone - Willie Wilkes, Vocals - Bobby Bland, Baritone Saxophone - Richard Sanders

1.1 Booted
1.2 Love You 'Til the Day I Die
1.3 Rosco's Boogie
1.4 Cold Cold Winter
1.5 What You Got on Your Mind
1.6 Tomorrow May Be to Late
1.7 Hey Fat Girl
1.8 Wise to You Baby
2.1 T-Model Boogie
2.2 Three Cent Love
2.3 Too Many Women
2.4 Keep on Doggin'
2.5 Bad Dream
2.6 The Dilly Bop
2.7 A Girl to Love
2.8 Little Bit of Magic

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