Rose Tattoo: Southern Stars

Rose Tattoo: Southern Stars
Title: Southern Stars
Label: Repertoire
Product Type: VINYL LP

Limited 180gm vinyl LP pressing. Digitally remastered edition of this album by the Australian hard rockers. With Angry Anderson at the helm and a completely overhauled line-up in place, the band returned to work with Vanda & Young as producers at Albert Studios for what was to be the last time the band worked with the famed production team. Rose Tattoo experimented a little on this album, trying out fresh ideas. It also helped that they had a new regiment of talent on board. Originally released in 1984, Southern Stars made it to #30 in the Australian charts. Three singles releases were taken from the original album 'I Wish' (#32 Australia) plus 'Freedom's Flame' and 'No Secrets'. Anderson and Meyer did much of the writing, and there was a distinct move towards a more commercial sound, this being achieved without sacrificing all the values for which the Tatts had stood during the previous trio of albums.

1.1 Southern Stars
1.2 Let Us Live
1.3 Freedom's Flame
1.4 I Wish
1.5 Saturday's Rage (Tracks 1 - 5 on Side 1)
1.6 Death or Glory
1.7 The Pirates Song
1.8 You've Been Told
1.9 No Secrets
1.10 The Radio Said Rock 'N' Roll Is Dead (Tracks 6 - 10 on Side 2)

Rose Tattoo: Southern Stars

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