Ross, Junior & Spears

Ross, Junior & Spears: Babylon Fall

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Product Type: VINYL LP

Artist: Ross, Junior & Spears
Title: Babylon Fall
Product Type: VINYL LP

LP version. Kingston Sounds presents a reissue of Junior Ross and The Spears's Babylon Fall, originally issued in 1992. Junior Ross and The Spears are another great Jamaican roots group that have been nurtured under the guidance of fellow Jamaican, producer and singer Tapper Zukie. Zukie not only gave the singer and his band their name but recorded, produced and released their records on his own 'Stars' imprint label. Junior Ross (Clifford Palmer, 7 Sept 1953, Kingston, Jamaica) grew up alongside his brothers Frankie Jones and Roy "Soft" Palmer, who in turn had entered the music business alongside future roots singer Prince Alla. Alla had formed a group called The Nazarines with Palmer and Milton Henry, so music was all around Junior Ross and he would soon follow in their footsteps and start recording some of his songs. This album had it's initial release in 1992. Kingston Sounds have added to it various dub versions that were b-sides to the singles and extended recordings again produced by Tapper Zukie. This is Junior Ross and the Spears's classic album and it's related musical accompaniments all in one place and it is sounding better than ever.

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