Rossington Collins Band: Skynyrd

Rossington Collins Band: Skynyrd
Title: Skynyrd
Label: Bgo - Beat Goes on

Both of the LPs released by this post-Lynyrd Skynyrd Southern rock outfit together on one CD, 1980's 'Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere' & 1982's 'This Is the Way'. Each was originally released on MCA. The group featured Skynyrd guitarists Gary Rossington & Allen Collins, plus female vocalist Dale Krantz. 19 tracks, including 'Don't Misunderstand Me' & 'Don't Stop Me Now'. All tracks are digitally re-mastered from the original master tapes. Also features faithfully restored artwork (i.e. The original cover art of both records), plus additional sleeve notes. 1999 release.

1.1 Prime Time
1.2 Three Times As Bad
1.3 Don't Misunderstand Me
1.4 One Good Man
1.5 Opportunity
1.6 Getaway
1.7 Winners and Losers
1.8 Misery of Loves Company
1.9 Sometimes You Can Put It Out
1.10 Gotta Get It Straight
1.11 Tashauna
1.12 Gonna Miss It When It's Gone
1.13 Pine Box
1.14 Fancy Ideas
1.15 Don't Stop Me Now
1.16 Seems Like Everyday
1.17 I'm Free Today
1.18 Next Phone Call
1.19 Means Nothing to You

Rossington Collins Band: Skynyrd

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