Rotting Christ

Rotting Christ: Khronos

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Artist: Rotting Christ

Artist: Rotting Christ
Title: Khronos

Re-release of this amazing album of Greek metal godsRotting Christ, original released back in 1999 from Century Media. Coming now in a deluxe digipack edition, including 2 bonus tracks, live in Hellas in 2007.

1.1 Thou Art Blind
1.2 If It Ends Tomorrow
1.3 My Sacred Path
1.4 Aeternatus
1.5 Art of Sin
1.6 Lucifer Over London
1.7 Law of the Serpent
1.8 You Are I
1.9 Khronos
1.10 Fateless
1.11 Time Stands Still
1.12 Glory of Sadness
1.13 Thou Art Blind
1.14 You Are I

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