Royal Scots Dragoon Guards

Royal Scots Dragoon Guards: Spirit of the Glen: Ultimate Collection

$9.83 $11.99

Artist: Royal Scots Dragoon Guards
Title: Spirit of the Glen: Ultimate Collection

1.1 Amazing Grace 2007 - the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards
1.2 Sailing
1.3 Abide with Me (2008)
1.4 Band of Brothers
1.5 Canon
1.6 Time to Say Goodbye (Con Te Partirò)
1.7 Braveheart
1.8 Auld Lang Syne
1.9 Queen of My Heart
1.10 Highland Cathedral
1.11 Last of the Mohicans
1.12 Scottish Medley
1.13 Jurassic Park
1.14 Celtic Medley
1.15 Journey to the Line
1.16 My Heart Will Go on

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