Royal Scottish National Orchestra

Royal Scottish National Orchestra: Violin Concerto (Eleven Eleven) / Piano Quartet

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Artist: Royal Scottish National Orchestra
Title: Violin Concerto (Eleven Eleven) / Piano Quartet

Danny Elfman's music is known to millions, and in addition to his more than 100 film scores, he writes music for the concert hall. About this project, he writes: "Most people know me as a film composer. A few years ago I came to the conclusion that I didn't just want to write orchestral music totally free from the influence of film, I virtually had to in order to keep my sanity. Over the last decade I had done several non-film concert commissions, and each time I found them to be incredibly liberating and relieving..." This album includes a newly written Violin Concerto by the famous film composer, recorded for the first time. The second piece on the album, the Piano Quartet, is performed by members of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra

1.1 Violin Concerto "Eleven Eleven" John Mauceri, Royal Scottish National Orchestra ; Sandy Cameron 44:19 -00:00
1.2 I. Grave. Animato 14:05-00:00
1.3 II. Spietato 10:25-00:00
1.4 III. Fantasma 9:32-0:00
1.5 IV. Giacoso. Lacrimae 10:17-00:00
1.6 Piano Quartet Philharmonic Piano Quartet Berlin 20:39 -00:00
1.7 I. Ein Ding 6:28-0:00
1.8 II. Kinderspott 4:50-0:00
1.9 III. Duett FÜR Vier 3:29-0:00
1.10 IV. Ruhig 1:39-0:00
1.11 V. Die Wolfsjungen 4:13-0:00

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