Ruby Fray

Ruby Fray: Grackle

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Artist: Ruby Fray

Artist: Ruby Fray
Title: Grackle
Product Type: VINYL LP

Coming a long way from her debut album, Pith (KLP239), Ruby Fray's upcoming release Grackle (KLP251) blends Americana sweetness with sludgy dissonance. Helmed by Emily Bean blossom, the band teamed up with Pith producer, Ben Hargett, to record the album at Dub Narcotic Studio in Olympia, WA. Their newest recording preserves the playful jangly genre-bouncing enervation found in their previous work while insisting on a more disciplined approach to songwriting.

1.1 You Should Go
1.2 Carry Me Down
1.3 Vespers
1.4 Photographs
1.5 The Grackle
1.6 Barbara
1.7 Anthony
1.8 It's Mine
1.9 Reprise

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