Ruby Fray: Pith

Ruby Fray: Pith
Title: Pith
Label: K. Records
Product Type: VINYL LP

Anyone who has seen Emily Bean blossom perform has surely left entirely taken with her. As the lead singer of Christmas, a band whose unique style of psych rock made them a cult marvel, Emily sold out both shows and records, due in no small part to her captivating, cultivated persona and the rare power of her voice. A vagabond for our ilk, she has lived life on the road and in collaborations, drifting down the line until she was called back to her family farm outside Chicago, Ill. Here she paused to lay down the hollowed noise that would become Ruby Fray.

1.1 And the Moon
1.2 Mint Ice Cream
1.3 Closed Eye
1.4 What S All This Talk
1.5 Northern Washington
1.6 Young Scholar
1.7 Let S Grow Older
1.8 Jandk
1.9 Penny
1.10 Ohow
1.11 Barren Hill
1.12 Wilt Worker

Ruby Fray: Pith

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Product-type:VINYL LP

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