Ruby the Hatchet: Valley of the Snake

Ruby the Hatchet: Valley of the Snake
Title: Valley of the Snake
Label: Tee Pee Records
Product Type: VINYL LP

Philadelphia psychedelic doombringers Ruby the Hatchet are one of heavy music's finest on-the rise bands. Evoking a decade's worth of maturity gained in just a few short years, the genesis from the band's 2011 self-titled EP to present da has been nothing short of stunning. The group's music fuses the sinister tactic of brainwash with blistering riffs and the rebellious mood of sorcery, re-imagining a different path for metal. Valley of the Snake is a six song journey; a fantastical trek with huge, blistering tracks tha journey over peaks and valleys and ditches and oceans before leaving you spinning. Seething and spitting, Ruby the Hatchet hammers behemoth waves of dogma and doom, merging precision and patience with a sinister foot-stomping, head-bobbing power Vocalist Jillian Taylor's serpentine vocals, scen stealing howls and macabre lyrics conjure holisti atmospheres over swollen grooves that grow and flow in circles and waves. Guitars crunch, wail and burn. Heavy-handed and hypnotic in equal part Ruby the Hatchet creates the perfect shape shift between psych density and metal grandiosity, representing something utterly imposing; primeval and oppressively heavy while maintaining a level of breathless intensity over the course of the full album. This hex is for you.

1.1 Heavy Blanket
1.2 Vast Acid
1.3 Tomorrow Never Comes
1.4 The Unholy Behemoth
1.5 Demons
1.6 Valley of the Snake

Ruby the Hatchet: Valley of the Snake

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