Rupa & the April Fishes

Rupa & the April Fishes: Este Mundo

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Artist: Rupa & the April Fishes
Title: Este Mundo

San Francisco's musical nomads Rupa & the April Fishes hold up a carnival mirror to life and present a warped, humorous and occasionally disquieting reflection. Sequestered beneath Rupa's infectious and captivating melodies are thought-provoking themes that address life, love, art, death and the real and artificial divisions that keep US apart. Specialists in crossing borders and building bridges, they effortlessly blur the boundaries of genre & geography to create a sound Time Out has called "global agit-pop".

1.1 (La Frontera)
1.2 C'est Moi
1.3 Por la Frontera
1.4 La Linea
1.5 La Rose
1.6 Culpa de la Luna
1.7 L' L Phant
1.8 Soledad
1.9 (El Camino Del Diablo
1.10 Este Mundo
1.11 Soy Payaso
1.12 Neruda
1.13 Trouble
1.14 La Estrella Caida
1.15 Espero la Luna

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