Rush: Gold

Rush: Gold
Title: Gold
Label: Mercury

Spanning thirteen years, Rush GOLD, features every Rush hit, radio staple and classic track. With full participation from the band, both old and new fans alike will hear many favorites, including their biggest hits "Tom Sawyer" and "New World Man."

1.1 The Spirit of Radio
1.2 The Trees
1.3 Freewill
1.4 Xanadu
1.5 Bastille Day
1.6 By-Tor and the Snow Dog
1.7 Anthem
1.8 Closer to the Heart
1.9 2112 Overture
1.10 The Temples of Syrinx
1.11 La Villa Strangiato
1.12 Fly By Night
1.13 Finding My Way
1.14 Working Man
2.1 The Big Money
2.2 Red Barchetta
2.3 Subdivisions
2.4 Time Stand Still
2.5 Mystic Rhythms
2.6 The Analog Kid
2.7 Distant Early Warning
2.8 Marathon
2.9 The Body Electric
2.10 Mission
2.11 Limelight
2.12 Red Sector a
2.13 New World Man
2.14 Tom Sawyer
2.15 Force Ten

Rush: Gold

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