Rushden & Diamonds: 2010 (Digi)

Rushden & Diamonds: 2010 (Digi)
Title: 2010 (Digi)
Label: Volunteer Media

Rushden & Diamonds first got their start writing rhymes and making beats while digging in the crates of 1980's rnb and royal orchestral music. The duo's early productions would eventually make their way onto R&D's debut release "2010", a critically acclaimed double album hip-hopera. 2010 is a genre-bending double concept album that plays out like an audio comic book. Telling the story of both Michael Rushden and Karl Lord Edward Diamonds who embark on a musical journey set in an alternate not-too distant future. Rushden & Diamonds: 2010 is a modern day opera, "hip hopera", fusing both hip-hop music and a dramatic yet humorous storyline. This deluxe version includes all 38 original tracks on 2 CD's of Rushden & Diamonds hip-hopera, which fuses together original songs with an integrated radio playesque storyline.

1.1 Top Gear (Rushden Introduction)
1.2 We Want Rushden Ft. MC Paul Barman
1.3 Money Ft. MC Paul Barman
1.4 Identity Theft Ft. Jeff Spec and Jacky Jasper
1.5 Gonna Pay Somebody Ft. Jacky Jasper and Lil'bit
1.6 I.C.E Ft. Davidson Starr
1.7 Up ; Up Ft. Lil'bit
1.8 Lower Mainland (It's My Day)
1.9 Do the Dew Ft. Lil'bit
1.10 Runway Ft. Moka Only
1.11 Tell Me How You Like That (Oooh) Ft. Lil'bit and Beaumont
1.12 The Man in White Ft. Lil'bit and Beaumont
1.13 I'm Out Ft. Ron Contour
1.14 This Is the Life Ft. Lil'bit
1.15 The Time of My Life
1.16 Number 1 Ft. Lil'bit
2.1 It's Time
2.2 Downing Street (Diamonds Introduction)
2.3 C.H.A.R.L.E.S Ft. Stroker Deluca and Kutmasta Kurt
2.4 C.H.A.P.S
2.5 Global Elitist
2.6 Shall We Compare
2.7 Doin' Alright Ft. William White
2.8 Up Your Sty's (As in Majesties) Ft. William White
2.9 Coup D'etat Ft. Lord T ; Eloise
2.10 Upping the Club Ft. Coast Riderz and Hydro
2.11 Listen to the Cannon Ft. William White
2.12 National Treasure
2.13 King of the Rap Game Ft. Jacky Jasper
2.14 I Love You Ft. Jacky Jasper
2.15 To All My Ladies Ft. Lil'bit
2.16 Seize Him! Ft. Beaumont
2.17 The Ransom Note Ft. Baba Brinkman
2.18 United Artists
2.19 'Round the World Ft. Lil'bit
2.20 True Lies Ft. Stroker Deluca
2.21 The Obituary Ft. Kutmasta Kurt
2.22 Epilogue

Rushden & Diamonds: 2010 (Digi)

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