Rust Belt Lights

Rust Belt Lights: These Are the Good Old Days

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Product Type: VINYL LP

Title: These Are the Good Old Days
Label: Paper + Plastick
Product Type: VINYL LP

With 12 brand new tracks, "These Are The Good Old Days" is a record about overcoming, outlasting, and moving on. "It seems like people as they get older are always reflecting back on a previous time in their life with nostalgic feelings instead of moving forward and doing everything they can to make their present days their best ones." says guitarist Tom Mayer. "We are all guilty of it. We are guilty of it in songs on this record. Responsibility is inevitable as we get older, but the title is about how we are going to make these days we spend together now our best ones and put the past where it belongs." If you like catchy punk rock in the vein of this band, that band, and that other band you'll want to be sure to have a listen to Rust Belt Lights. Catch them on tour now!

1.1 It Ain't What It Used to Be
1.2 Guilt Trip
1.3 Home, Sweet Home
1.4 Fortyfive
1.5 Chutes and Ladders
1.6 Awake in Dreams
1.7 Welp... See You at Eight
1.8 I Can't Stay Home
1.9 Yesteryear
1.10 You've Been Smoochin' Wit Everybody!
1.11 Sleep Tight
1.12 The Good Old Days

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