Rx Bandits: And The Battle Begun

Rx Bandits: And The Battle Begun
Title: And The Battle Begun
Label: Mashdown Babylon

"And the Battle Begun" is the RX Bandits' 5th full length. "It's really quite impressive as to just how much this band has progressed and evolved throughout the years with each release. Originally starting out as a practical ska band with a heavy SoCal influence, they have created a sound combining soul, reggae, punk, and progressive rock. With their new release And the Battle Begun the Bandits have scaled back a bit from the more hard rock approach featured on "The Resignation" and instead have really made a record that is fueled heavily by Matt Embree's soulful and heartfelt vocals. The vocal range that he possesses is amazing and on this record it shines through perfectly, while being backed by an upped usage of a rhythm section containing horns and keyboards, another impressive continuation of an already baffling evolution for a band".

1.1 ... And the Battle Begun
1.2 In Her Drawer
1.3 Only for the Night
1.4 On a Lonely Screen
1.5 1980
1.6 One Million Miles An Hour, Fast Asleep
1.7 Apparition
1.8 Mouth Full of Hollow Threats?
1.9 Epoxi-Lips
1.10 Tainted Wheat
1.11 To Our Unborn Daughters
1.12 Crushing Destroyer
1.13 Crushing Destroyer

Rx Bandits: And The Battle Begun

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