Adams, Ryan: Easy Tiger

Adams, Ryan: Easy Tiger
Title: Easy Tiger
Label: Lost Highway
Product Type: VINYL LP

Limited edition LP on golden transparent vinyl. Zeroing in on his signature alt. Country sound in 2007, Ryan Adams creates his most complete and inspiring concept album since his debut album "Heartbreaker." "Easy Tiger" reigns in Adams' overflowing musical interests and gives fans what they want-the right mix of country rockers and weepers. The Cardinals, his backing band, is here in force, and there is just the right hint of soul to really make the album's sound pop. The songs "Everybody Knows" and "Tears of Gold" are noteworthy crowd pleasers, but so are the cheeky "Oh My God, Whatever, Etc." and the more country-fied "I Taught Myself to Grow Old." Each of the 13 songs is as tight as any radio single. This limited edition pressing plays on the "Tears of Gold" title by being made of a transparent golden vinyl. It comes as no surprise this album peaks at #7 on the Billboard 200! Lost Highway Records.

1.1 Goodnight Rise
1.2 Two
1.3 Everybody Knows
1.4 Halloweenhead
1.5 Oh My God Whatever Etc
1.6 Tears of Gold
1.7 Sun Also Sets
2.1 Off Broadway
2.2 Rip Off
2.3 Pearls on a String
2.4 Two Hearts
2.5 These Girls
2.6 I Taught Myself How to Grow Old

Adams, Ryan: Easy Tiger

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