Ryan Traster: Choses Obscures

Ryan Traster: Choses Obscures
Title: Choses Obscures
Label: Slow Start Records
Product Type: VINYL LP

Minneapolis-based singer-songwriter Ryan Traster's sophomore album, Choses Obscures features that warm, worn-in vibe of an album that's been in your cool parents record collection since you were a kid. Eventually, it gets passed down to you to take along into "the real world" and is there when you need to be reminded of being a kid again. It's that gem of a find in a milk crate of vinyl at the local tag sale on a Sunday afternoon. The kind of album that becomes an all-time favorite, only discovered there by the person who knows what they're looking for and has the time to dig for it.

1.1 Old World, Present Tense
1.2 New Again
1.3 How Dark It's Been
1.4 Lost in a Sound
1.5 Libra
1.6 Endless Summer Blues
1.7 Kansas
1.8 Busy Mind, Lazy Mouth

Ryan Traster: Choses Obscures

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Product-type:VINYL LP

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