Sacramentum: Finis Malorum

Sacramentum: Finis Malorum
Title: Finis Malorum
Label: Vic

CD reissue of legendary 1994 mini album plus two covers tracks (Sepultura's 'The Cure/ Antichrist' and Mercyful Fate's 'Black Masses'), their 5 track 1993 demo Sedes Impiorum, and one very early and rare track. All tracks are carefully digitalized, restored and remastered by Achilleas Kalantzis at Suncord Audiolab (Varathron, Benediction, Gomorrah). The booklet contains extensive liner notes by French journalist Olivier Zoltar Badin (Cathedral, Dark Funeral, Treblinka) and many rare pictures. Finis Malorum was recorded in Unisound Studios, Sweden with Dan Swano (Katatonia, Opeth, Dissection) and the cover tracks were recorded with Kings Diamond's Andy Laroque at his Los Angered Recordings studio.

1.1 Moonfog
1.2 Travel with the Northern Winds
1.3 Devide Et Impera
1.4 Pagan Fire
1.5 Finis Malorum (Outro)
1.6 Black Masses (Mercyfull Fate Cover 1997)
1.7 The Curse / Antichrist (Sepultura Cover 1998)
1.8 Intro: Sedes Impiorum
1.9 Stormbringer
1.10 Seasons of Dark Souls
1.11 Nocturnal Flame
1.12 Within Thy Circle
1.13 Morbid Humanity

Sacramentum: Finis Malorum

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