Sadistic Ritual: Visionaire Of Death

Sadistic Ritual: Visionaire Of Death
Title: Visionaire Of Death
Label: Bonfire Recording Co
Product Type: VINYL LP

Founded in 2008, when front-man and guitarist Charlie Southern was just 14-years old, Sadistic Ritual's sole mission has been to bring savage thrash metal to the masses. Drawing inspiration from the masters of genre, Sadistic Ritual have staked out their own, unique sound, rooted in passion for the form. Prior to releasing Visionaire of Death, Sadistic Ritual unleashed "Hellish Mercenary", a 7" single, in 2013 and "Edge of the Knife", a six-song EP, in 2015, creating an unmistakable stir in the underground. "Visionaire of Death" is their full-length debut and unequivocally announces their arrival. The record contains 10 tracks of blistering thrash, loaded with scorching riffs that will leave your very soul bruised.

1.1 Visionaire of Death
1.2 In Cold Blood
1.3 Double Crossed
1.4 Executioner
1.5 Mutually Assured Destruction
1.6 Civil Unrest
1.7 Malicious Misanthrope
1.8 Death Shriek
1.9 Merciless Retribution
1.10 Cerebral Sacrifice

Sadistic Ritual: Visionaire Of Death

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Product-type:VINYL LP

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