Saga: Detours (live)

Saga: Detours (live)
Title: Detours (live)
Label: Earmusic

CD reissue. Detours is a live album by Canadian progressive rock band Saga. It was recorded during their European Tour in 1997.

1.1 In The Hall Of The Mountain King William (Live)
1.2 How Long (Live)
1.3 The Perfectionist (Live)
1.4 Careful Where You Step (Live)
1.5 Ice Nice (Live)
1.6 Don't Be Late (Live)
1.7 Interview (Live)
1.8 Wind Him Up (Live)
1.9 Welcome To The Zoo (Live)
1.10 Take A Chance (Live)
1.11 William's Walkabout (Live)
1.12 The Cross (Live)
1.13 Scratching The Surface (Live)
1.14 On The Loose (Live)
1.15 The Security Of Illusion (Live)
1.16 I Walk With You (Live)
1.17 Time's Up (Live)
1.18 Heaven Can Wait (Live)
1.19 The Flyer (Live)
1.20 You're Not Alone (Live)
1.21 Framed (Live)
1.22 Humble Stance (Live)

Saga: Detours (live)

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