Sallinen / Vaehaelae / Noras / Gothoni

Sallinen / Vaehaelae / Noras / Gothoni: Chamber Works

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Title: Chamber Works
Label: Cpo Records

When examining the instrumental statistics for Aulis Sallinen's overall oeuvre, we see that in quantitative terms he has preferred the violoncello above all other solo instruments, and a constant that uniformly pervades his chamber compositions is his love of the cello sound. The Sonata per violoncello e piano (2005) is a compact work with elements transcending movement limits indicating the composer views it as a single complex. 'From a Swan Song', for cello and piano, is a dramatic dialogue between two instrumentalists. His only piano trio to date, a work about memory, closes the program.

1.1 Barcarole, Con Variazione
1.2 Serenata
1.3 Scherzo, Quasi L'ultimo Tango
1.4 Il Modo Grave E Lirico - Epilogo
1.5 From a Swan Song, Op. 67
1.6 Piano Trio, Op. 96 - Elina Vahala/Arto Noras/Ralf Gothoni

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