Sam Pilnick

Sam Pilnick: The Adler Suite

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Sam Pilnick

Title: The Adler Suite
Label: Next Level

"The Adler Suite" by Sam Pilnick's Nonet Project aims to explore and honor the scientific advancements, explorations and wonders of outer spacer, that we all experience while at the Adler Planetarium in downtown Chicago. The suite features compositions by Chicago based saxophonist and educator Sam Pilnick, that sonically explore various exhibits and concepts displayed at the Adler Planetarium: the Gemini 12 Spacecraft, Revolving Dwarf planets, far away star systems and our ever expanding universe.

1.1 Squawk Box
1.2 Star Launch
1.3 Revolving Twins
1.4 Silver Light
1.5 Constant Companion
1.6 House of the Massives (Pismis-24)
1.7 A Light Year
1.8 Expanding Universe
1.9 Falling Backwards

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