Samuels, Peter: Meditation: Inspiring Notes

Samuels, Peter: Meditation: Inspiring Notes
Title: Meditation: Inspiring Notes
Label: Global Journey

The word Meditation comes from the Latin word 'Mederi' meaning to heal. As meditation charts the whole spectrum of our reflective capabilities the benefits are numerous and can result in minor achievements such as relaxation or major life changing attainments such as the absorption of a feeling of oneness with a spiritual ideal. Meditation can't improve psychosomatic and stress related problems, help relieve and build up resistance to stress, relieve anxiety and depression. The accompanying music was specifically composed to promote a serene meditative environment but is also ideal for general relaxation

1.1 Yama
1.2 Niyama
1.3 Asana
1.4 Pranayama
1.5 Pratayahara
1.6 Dharana
1.7 Dhyana
1.8 Samadh

Samuels, Peter: Meditation: Inspiring Notes

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