San Lazaro: La Despedida

San Lazaro: La Despedida
Title: La Despedida
Label: Hope Street Rec

2016 release from the Australian band. La Despedida - Spanish for "The Farewell" - is a breakup album. A psychedelic, post-apocalyptic meta-breakup album by a band that has broken up more than once. For over a decade, San Lazaro have been playing and writing original Latin music in Melbourne. Unconcerned by the fact no-one around them has any idea what they are talking about, San Lazaro have put together a collection of Spanish language songs that reflects the alienation and uncertainty of 21st century suburban life. The music is a synthesis of far flung elements from all over Latin America's musical history: Afrocuban Rumba, Son Montuno, Peruvian Cumbia from the 1960s, New York Salsa from the 1970s, and more than a few echoes of the Chilean protest-folk movement that was extinguished in the coup of 1973. All the influences all together - unbound by borders or eras. It's not glamorous, unlike much of contemporary Latin music. The simple almost-live production allows for the musicians' craft and identity to shine through. It's distorted and psyched-out and echo-drenched but it always feels like the same band playing in the same room, no matter what corner of the Latin world they're nodding to. This is a band that has been playing together for a long time, and the self-assurance and confidence that goes with that makes La Despedida an ambitious record that feels effortless and natural.

1.1 Esperanza de la Rumba
1.2 Amor de Despedida
1.3 Hielo Azul
1.4 La Ola
1.5 No Me Cambie Las Cosas
1.6 Descarga Soledad
1.7 Rompe El Cascaro´N
1.8 Dale Sentido
1.9 Alas Negras
1.10 Ladridos de Perros

San Lazaro: La Despedida

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