Grigori Sandler: Choral Works: Shostakovich Koval Sviridov

Sandler, Grigori / Leningrad Radio & TV Choir: Choral Works: Shostakovich Koval Sviridov
Title: Choral Works: Shostakovich Koval Sviridov
Label: Northern Flowers

Brand new, first time on CD, notable repertoire from Leningrad in the 1970s

1.1 Dmitry Dmitrievich Shostakovich: Ten Poems for Mixed Choir to Words By Revolutionary Poets, Op. 88 (1951) Courage Friends, March on! Words By L. Rodin
1.2 One of Many. Words By Ye. Tarasov
1.3 Out to the Streets! Words By Unknown Author
1.4 An Encounter During a Transit. Words By a. Gmyrev
1.5 To the Executed. Words By a. Gmyrev
1.6 January the Ninth. Words By a. Kotz
1.7 Belated Salvos Over Now. Words By Ye. Tarasov
1.8 They Won. Words By a. Gmyrev
1.9 The May Song. Words By a. Kotz
1.10 Song. Text: V. Tan-Bogoraz (From Walt Whitman)
1.11 Marian Viktorovich Koval (1907-71): Five Works for Mixed Choir, Lake Ilmen. Words By M. Matusovsky
1.12 Hey You Land, Lovely Land. Words By V. Kamensky
1.13 The Leaves. Words By F. Tyutchev
1.14 Human Tears. Words By F. Tyutchev
1.15 Why Are You Bending O'er the Waves. Words F. Tyutchev
1.16 Georgy Vasilyevich Sviridov (1915-98): Seven Works for Mixed Choir Sing Me a Song Like You Used to. Words S. Yesenin
1.17 On My Lost Youth. Words N. Gogol
1.18 My Soul Is Yearning for Heaven. Words S. Yesenin
1.19 Blue Is the Night. Words S. Yesenin
1.20 When the Son Met His Father. Words a. Prokofiev
1.21 How the Song Was Born. Words S. Orlov
1.22 The Herd. Words S. Yesenin

Grigori Sandler: Choral Works: Shostakovich Koval Sviridov

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